About Us

Les Goûts-Authentiques is an early music ensemble whose goal is to introduce authentic tastes’ – music styles from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period – to their audiences in a colourful and lively manner. Les Goûts-Authentiques is a reference to Les Goûts-Réunis, in which work François Couperin described the striving for a fusion of the French and Italian baroque styles during the first half of the 18th century. Couperin was convinced that this symbiosis would result in better music or even a better world.

The line-up of Les Goûts-Authentiques varies according to the program, and often the voice, recorder or harpsichord are put in the spotlight. The ensemble is always formed by artistic director Jan Devlieger. It is not uncommon for young and promising musicians to be engaged in this process, creating a cocktail of experience and youthful enthusiasm. In the past, Les Goûts-Authentiques explored music by father Bach, sons of Johann Sebastian Bach, English and French baroque music, Bruegel program with music from the 16th century, but also programs including historical dance such as Le Roi tout cour(t).

From 2008 on, the following CDs were realized: A due cembali obligati for two harpsichords, The Submission based on music by the Loeillet family, The Delightful Companion, made up for recorder duets from renaissance and baroque periods and recently In Vain the Am’rous Flute with vocal and instrumental pieces by Purcell and contemporaries. Les Goûts-Authentiques vzw is the producer of a number of CDs with Jan Devlieger as solo harpsichordist, in which the repertoire of the Franco-Flemish 18th century harpsichord masters is central.